Other programs and services


Khmer Classes

Teaching Sewing in the Prison

Religious leaders from the various religious denominations meet and conduct sessions in the Prison

Khmer Classes for Vietnamese Children with Cambodian Citizenship

Purpose of this Program
After the Vietnamese helped to defeat Pol Pot they ruled Cambodia until they were pressurized to leave Cambodia. Many Vietnamese have Cambodian Citizenship but in the past they were very reluctant to learn the Cambodian Language – neither did they allow their children to study the language. However now they are beginning to realize that without the language they will not qualify for jobs or educational opportunities in Cambodia. Currently there are about 5 children learning Cambodia at our Center every day.

Effectiveness of the program
This program is very effective as the children are able to read and write in Cambodian. They are able to participate fully in the lessons taught at school. The relationship between the Vietnamese children and the Cambodian children is slowly improving and in some situations the previous suspicion is also slowly disappearing.

English classes for all people in the community

Purpose of this Program
Through this daily program we are able to reach out to all the people in the community. Many of the people who attend the classes do not have the money to have private tuition classes. Every day about 139 children – teenage girls and boys – and young adults come to the Center. Young Mothers are able to share their life struggles with us and receive counseling after the classes. The young adults are working and they need language skills.

Effectiveness of this service
This is a very effective service. Our visibility is enhanced in the community – this is important since most of our services are outreach services. The children who attend the classes do well in school.
There are 6 levels
* Level Six – Working adults and tertiary level students
* Level Five – Students from secondary level 3 and 4
* Level Four – Students from secondary level 2 and 1
* Level Three – Students from primary level 6 and 4
* Level Two – Students from primary level 3
* Level One – Students from primary level 1 and below

Prison Ministry

- Every day the staff teach sewing in the prison.
- They also provide other services to the women prisoners
- Once a year there is an inter-faith gathering.
- Religious leaders from the various religious denominations meet and conduct sessions.

Number of People Helped

The number of people attending for the prison = 26