Empowering the women and teenage girls who work in the Bar


Empowering the women and teenage girls who work in the Bar – through:

Providing * Information on trafficking for forced labour – sexual exploitation – domestic work * Pre-departure information * Language skills – English and Khmer * Counseling services and health education * Information regarding – marriage with foreigners – smuggling of people

Encouraging * The women to care for each other and to join the programs at the center

Settling * Disputes that often arise because of poverty and language problems


Services provided at the Center:

Providing information to vulnerable groups on: * Pre-departure – Trafficking – Legal and illegal migration * Pornography * Forced Labour


Building relationships with the Bar Owners

In 2015 we started a program with the bar owners. Our Staff are in contact with about 10 bar owners. Most of the Bar owners are Cambodian women living with foreign men. They have responded positively. They inform the women who work in their bar about the services we provide. They encourage them to participate in the programs offered at the Center.

Number of People Helped

The number of the people attending in the bars = 29