Services offered at the Fountain of Life Center

Only children and families in difficult circumstances are admitted.

Day Care Services for children

Before admitting a child our staff make a home visit to assess the family situation in order to provide the necessary help and support that the family and child needs. Some of the children study at our Center in the morning and in the afternoon they study at the Public school. * Teaching the children to take a shower. * Teaching the children Life Skills. * Educational exposure experiences.

Providing a safe environment for the children

Lunch and Snack

Every day the Children are served with a nutritious meal and they also get a snack before they return to their homes. * The older children help to feed the younger children.

The meals are prepared by the staff

Teaching the Children to take a Shower

Some of the Children do not have safe facilities to have a shower in their homes or in their villages. * EVery day before they leave the children take a shower at our Center. * For some Children this is the only shower they will have for the day.

Teaching the children to take a shower

Number of People Helped

The number of children attending day care = 50