Sister Michelle Lopez

After developing the Good Shepherd services in Pattaya Thailand, Michelle pioneered the work in Cambodia. Now she coordinates Good Shepherd services through the Fountain of Life Center in Cambodia

Nourished by deep spirituality

Over a period of many years, Michelle developed a comprehensive range of Good Shepherd services in Pattaya Thailand. During 2006, when Fountain of Life, Pattaya became fully established, Michelle was invited to explore the needs of women and girls in Cambodia. She began to make connections there and worked with a small team of young women to lay the groundwork for a Center to provide a range of services to women and girls disadvantaged by poverty.

In 2008 Michelle accepted the role of Province Leader of the province of East Asia, comprising the countries of Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. Since concluding a six year term as province leader in 2014, Michelle has become fully engaged once more with the ministry in Cambodia.

Ms Kolianey Khon

Kolianey is Cambodian and she is Buddhist. For 9 years she has worked with the sisters in developing a Good Shepherd response in Cambodia

Values are my guiding light

I am a Buddhist lay partner. My generation is the first generation that has not been physically affected by the Pol Pot regime which began in 1975 and ended in 1979. It was a genocide and about 3 million people died. I was born in 1986 and although my generation is the first generation that has not been physically affected by the atrocities of the regime – many of us find the horrors recounted by our parents and elders hard to believe! I know that my parents were extremely poor and suffered greatly under the Pol Pot regime and I can see the effects on their lives and in the way they have brought me up. When I had graduated from the Don Bosco Secretarial School, I and three other students were offered jobs at the Fountain of Life Center, an NGO that responds to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized women, girls and children.....