About Us

Protecting Women And Children: The Fountain of Life Center is an award winning non-profit NGO focused on the wel-fare and protection of marginalized and at-risk women and children in Pattaya, Thailand. The mission of the Fountain of Life is to serve, support and protect women and children with love and compassion.

The Staff at Fountain of Life Center – Cambodia

Title of the Project: Raising Awareness and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups. To Ensure Safe Migration and Combat Trafficking in Person

Our day begins with Morning Prayer and reflection

Training of Staff: Training of Staff presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all the staff members. It strengthen those skills that each staff member needs to improve and brings them to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge. Training enables all concerned to address weakness and strengths. Providing the necessary training creates an overall "knowledgeable staff" and they can take over for one another as needed independently without constant help and supervision from others. Training of staff enables them to respond to the current day challenges of our times.

For these reasons – every day we have training of staff sessions. During these sessions the staff discuss significant subjects such as: • Trafficking in persons • Pre-departure information • Migration – legal and illegal etc


Cambodia's Center

Protecting and educating children who are victims of human trafficking and abuse, face homelessness and starvation, or have learning or behavioral difficulties. Through education children receive the knowledge and life skills they need to thrive, while in a safe, loving environment.

What We Offer

Providing education and skills

Providing education and skills to women exploited by Cambodia's tourism industry. Massage and hair-dressing vocational courses are paired with language and technology classes to provide women with the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills needed to work in five-star resorts or to return to their villages and open a business.