Services offered at the Fountain of Life Center in Cambodia

"One Person Is Of More Value Than The Whole World"

St. Marry Euphrasia

News & Religious and Cultural events



Water Festival
5th April – The students and the staff celebrate the Water Festival – which is the Buddhist New Year in Cambodia. The actual date is from 13 - 15 April. Although many people celebrate the 1st January – the Buddhist New Year is very important to them.


Buddhist Lent
This festival is celebrated in the month of July – it shows the concern of the Lord Buddha for the environment. It is a very significant religious ceremony in all Buddhist countries. The Lord Buddha assigned to all of his disciples to stay in...


Trafficking Campaign


Christmas Party
Christmas party for children and wemen...

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Educational Exposure

  • Through role play we teach the children good and abusive behavior. The children are taught how to reach out and help less privileged children.


  • Every week our staff take a few children for a 15 minutes educational exposure. When they return to the center they share with the other children what they had seen – what actions they should take and what actions they should avoid.


  • The Children are learning: The duties of parents and about their rights as children. What behaviour is appropriate and what is inappropriate


Teaching the children LIFE SKILLS - We believe that:


Life skills are learned through repetition and practice.


Life skills help children through the turbulence of adolescence


Good Life Skills help children to stand up to unhealthy peer pressure


Children don't naturally know how to make good choices


Life skills help children to know what to do in everyday situations


By teaching children life skills we are preparing them to make good decision as they grow into adulthood