The Fountain of Life Center is an award winning
non-profit NGO focused on the welfare and protection of marginalized and at-risk women and children in Pattaya, Thailand.

The mission of the Fountain of Life is to serve, support and protect women and children with love and compassion.


A world built on the principles of justice and peace and where people enjoy the fullness of life and live with dignity and self worth


To bring about change in whatever condemns others to live a marginalized life, especially disadvantaged and oppressed women children and families

Our Belief

"One person is of more value than the whole world"

The fountain of life center was opened in August 1988 as a Drop in Center for the women and girls involved in the sex industry in Pattaya. A children's Center was opened in April 1993. This was necessary as many children are in danger of being drawn into the same industry as the women.

The activities at the Women's Center consist of language classes, skills training, cultural awareness, lectures on subject such as health and the law and counseling. The language classes are in Thai, English, and German. Skills training is given in computer skills, dressmaking, hairdressing and typing.

We celebrate cultural festivals with music, singing and dancing. A doctor attends the Center at regular intervals and gives talks on general health care to the women. The doctor is available after the talk for any women with individual needs. A lawyer also attends the center to talk to the women about Thai law. Many of the women are ignorant as to their rights under the law. Both groups and individual counseling is given. Help is also given in the form of social assistance; this can take the form of helping with house rents, childcare, education fees, travel to visit sick relative and other needs.

The main aim of our project is to improve the women's education and give them skills that will enable them to improve their lives in the future. We do this in an atmosphere of friendship, trust and mutual respect, which is in sharp contrast to the harsh realities of their lives. We also do a lot of counseling and hope this will have a lasting influence on their future. One of the main b-products of this project is to see the women's self esteem improve as time goes on.

The Good Shepherd Sisters are involved in the running of the project, the administration and the direction it takes. Thai staffs are employed to teach dressmaking, hairdressing, computer skills and Thai language. Foreign languages are taught by volunteers from abroad.