The Fountain of Life Children Center started in 1993.

When the Good Shepherd Sisters saw the many problems of poor children in Pattaya.

The Children come from:
  • Families Living in Poverty
  • Parents are separated
  • Mother or Farther dead
  • People move to Pattaya to work in the tourist industry
  • Political problems in Thailand and in the neighboring countries. Leads to Human Trafficking.
  • Values, attitudes and the manner in which children are brought up leads more and more towards consumerism.

The Problems arising from this situation
  • Children do not have a birth certificate
  • Children are abandoned
  • They become street children
  • Children whose parents are Thai but they don't have Thai citizenship, and Parents who are illegal in our country.
  • Children are at risk because they live in places of drugs, drink and violence. They are in danger of being caught in the sex industry.

FOL Program for the Children

Queen Fabiola of Belgium and Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

October 21,1995Visit Fountain of Life Children's Center and Woman's Center

Prince Philippe of Belgium

October 9,1995Visit Fountain of Life Children's Center and Woman's Center

Princess Soamsawali

February 4,2013Reward "Prachabdi"

Grand Opening the Fountain of Life Children's Center

May 31,2002Bishop Lawrence Thienchai Samanchit

Grand Opening the Fountain of Life Woman's Center

April 9,2005Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis.

Fountain of Life's Video

Fountain of Life's Video